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Sure Way To Get Higher Credit cards With Bad Credit Score

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Materials Needed:Sure Way To Get Higher Credit cards With Bad Credit Score

 Get Higher Credit cards With Bad Credit Score

1. USA Fullz (One good person preferably born before 1945)

  • 1A: SS Number, DOB, Address, and in some cases License
  • 1B: Background report ( not required but makes things easy )

2. Computer running the latest software

3. A List of cards you would like to apply for
With these simple things, I can show you how to get all the money you need…

Easiest target cards:

Capital One

Citi cards (Thank you card)



Best Buy


Firstly go to the websites for the credit card of your choice and go to Apply for credit…
Then use the information on the fullz for the application.
If you get a person born before 1945 changes are they will not have computer skills, access, or knowledge of using a computer and they will most likely have very little if any credit cards and in most cases have almost perfect credit… Run through the steps…

Very Important:

Side Note: When you get to address.. write one you have access to but put lived at less than 6 months… Most
sites will ask for your previous address and once you enter all security checks will let the application through
For work, always put employed, making more than 70,000 and an additional 12500 in other income..
Enter that they have both savings, and checking, or if more choices check them all.. and say that the total number on all accounts is between 50,000-199,000

Then you may select yourself as an authorized user on the account

Finish application:

Then in 60 seconds or less, you should have your first working card. Furthermore between 5,000 – 10,000 in credit limit.
Then Money is available right away
Target gives you access to the card right away, set up an online account at, and buy Gift Certificates.. Redeem immediately online or at Target through your smartphone..
Furthermore, 10,000 Capital One Card was recently received on my part..
Lastly, they don’t give the full credit limit right away but 200 is good to buy gift certificates



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