Buy Monese Verified Account with Documents


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Verified Accounts from the manufacturer at the best price! Don’t forget to leave a review after purchase! You


Buy Monese Verified Account with Documents

Buy Monese Verified Account

Since 2015, the Monese Bank has been in operation with a legal license from the UK, where it is based. Traditional banking services are available to customers of this mobile bank via a proprietary plastic card. The account supports multiple currencies and can be used for international wire transfers, ATM withdrawals, and purchases from both online and brick-and-mortar retailers. You can choose from a number of different tariff plans, some of which are completely free. You can have full command of your funds by linking your existing bank accounts to your Monese card. The annual percentage rate that applies to the credit plan is typically around average. Following the principles of contemporary digital banks, all transactions are processed immediately. The Monegasque financial institution uses sophisticated encryption methods to safeguard customers’ private information and money

Verified Accounts from the manufacturer at the best price!!

We will create an account with your data (email/phone/device) on the day of contact!

Each account comes with:

  • Mail
  • passwords
  • Pin-code
  • Phone number
  • A resident proxy,
  • Photo of the verifier with a document
  • One week warranty

After the purchase you must:

1. Change the password at the exchange and mail
2. Enable security settings

Verification: Increases the level of trust on the part of customers and all market participants. Increases limits. Removes restrictions.






Delivery for this service is instant. When your payment is confirmed on the blockchain network, the details of what you bought will be shipped off to your email address. Make certain to add a substantial email address during checkout. Contact us after placing your order if you have any questions.

Our team of professionals will be available to answer all your questions






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