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Payment Processing Instructions For Beginners

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Payment Processing Instructions For Beginners

Payment Processing Instructions

In the event that you are working with Payment Processors or need to swindle a shipper who uses stripe then I accept this may assist you with getting a grip on what you’ll have to do. I’m getting exhausted of directly up specialized works so for this one how about we simply call this a game? To dominate this match we’ll be maturing and hitting an installment processor account.

So, let’s start with the “rules” of the game.

(1) A new customer, we’ll use the same name as our card holder.
(2) You need an accurate card number, exp date, 3 digits on the back, zip, etc.
(3) Instead of one large payment, we’ll be doing multiple small payments – start with an amount below 250$
(4) The date and time of payment matter in relation to the cardholder’s spending habits, try the card during the daytime when the cardholder is more likely to normally use their card.
(5) The location of the IP address used to make the purchase has to be within 50 miles of the address associated with the credit card and must be done from a residential IP without any blacklist entries.
(6) Use a mobile user-agent like iPhone 7 or pixel XL, I recommend Sphere by Tenebris for a browser or using one of the many available firefox addons you can find with the other Mozilla extensions.
(7) A New yahoo or AOL mail account – never reuse emails, they keep track.
(8) Never reuse IP address or card number, there’s no “if” they notice – they WILL notice and WILL burn your drop, card, and IP all in one quick move.

Tips for a Good Stripe Setup:

-Don’t assume that systems or employees involved with payment processing are stupid – they’re not. There’s a reason they’re called security professionals. Always be on your toes to avoid stupid/simple mistakes. That’s where 90% of declines come from.

Don’t use the same user agent for everything. Basically, if you have been using the same user agent like Safari on an iPhone7 to open your accounts, then to charge them as a customer, they’re going to catch on. At the very least it’s going to give your account more attention than you’d like them to have on it.

Want to keep your account from being closed? Avoid being flagged at Stripe and square by making sure your declines are less than 5% –
That’s 1 decline at 20 charges. Sometimes it is hard to do that because you might get dead information, this is where doing a Luhn check and then a pre-auth before actually attempting to charge your payment processor accounts are important to make sure the card information is valid and the card has available funds.

Do not overcharge – I seriously can’t stress this enough. People hear stories about hitting an account with 20-30-40 charges per day and they get over-excited. They set up their account and just start running as many cards through it as humanly possible, a terrible idea. New businesses and merchant accounts don’t just open up and all of a sudden start collecting TONS of payments, it’s just not how a real business works. It’s suspicious when it happens, and it will get your account flagged.

That doesn’t mean it’s going to be closed for this reason, but it does mean they’re going to investigate, and when they do they’re going to figure out that nothing about our account is actually legitimate. What we do just lets us slip through their automated systems, once real people start looking through our accounts they don’t ever hold up to scrutiny – so make sure you don’t give them a reason to do that. If your account is only one or two weeks old keep it low, and around the same to simulate business hours or service hours.


Every customer, new IP that has been checked for blacklist entries, it MUST BE RESIDENTIAL AND NOT A VPN, a VPN is a VIRTUAL private network, they can see it’s a virtual server and it’s suspicious. Never use the same proxy to charge more than one card, and never log in to the merchant account from an ip that you used to charge a card through the merchant account.

Don’t charge earlier than 24 hours after completing creating the stripe setup
For the initial charge keep it under $100.
Always use a prepaid card to charge stripe in the first week, this has to be a legitimate purchase that won’t be disputed. Stripe holds your first transaction for 2 weeks to verify its validity, once you do this once with a pre-paid card you’ll unlock 2-day withdrawals. Always withdraw funds 6-12 hours after you’re first able to, you don’t want to look too eager to drain the money out of your merchant account.

Use the scans resource in the ballads guide if you run into some problems with verification, they sometimes ask for passport holding documents or notes, dl, business license, notaries, inventory pics, etc.
Markets do have some good-rated people to order IDs from, and there are a lot of skilled Photoshoppers out there that are more than likely willing. I don’t plug any specific people, nor will I, do your own research.

After the initial charge lands in your bank drop account, you can start charging normally.

Maximum 3-4 cards daily with a maximum of $200/charge first week.

In the second and third week, we can comfortably increase to a $500 max.

*Never charge on weekends and try card during US business hours*

Send your funds out of your merchant account to your drops and you’re all set. I usually keep 8-10 accounts aging at a time, It should take no more than 15 hours a week to keep up with them all and you’ll make a pretty decent paycheck within a few weeks of opening the accounts up.



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