Non-adjustable drops in EU. WU / MG, SEPA, IBAN, SWIFT

drops in EU……Dear Members, I furnish you with an assistance of non-wedge drops for WU/MG and SEPA, IBAN, SWIFT exchanges in EU.

About Us:
– The service works on the territory of the countries of the EURO-Union and the CIS
– Always fresh drops, which are given exclusively to one person under WU / MG.
– NON-bratty Persians and corpses under SEPA transfers.
– Always available Online-Banking to akam.
– We do not accept transfers from CIS countries to CIS, with the exception of gray transfers from CIS to EU.
– Always in the presence of BA corpses and Persians of non-adjustable drops in EU.
– Possibility to open a corpus or a persian to order under the customer’s data.
– Individual approach to each client.

Countries in which we operate:
Great Britain, Germany, Turkey, Czech Republic, Italy, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine.

Prices: WU, MG, RIA, Contact, etc.
In some countries, WU & MG burbot around the clock.

Countries EU
Karzh, from 35%
Scam, from 25%
From drops, from 15%

CIS Countries
Karzh, from 30%
Scam, from 20%
From drops, from 11%

Prices for SEPA, IBAN, SWIFT and other transfers are negotiated individually for each country separately.


JID: [To view this link you need to register ] , [To view this link you need to register ]
OTR / PGP is welcome.

Cashout service of WU / MG, Sepa, iban, swift transfers in Europe
– allways fresh drops (not scammed)
– personal or corps accs for Sepa transfers
– online banking for all transfers
– we dont recive transfers from CIS to CIS
– we can open corp or personal bank acc for your details or requirements

Country in which we work: UK, Germany, Czech Republic, Turkey, Italy, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine

Price: WU, MG, RIA, Contact and others
We can cashout WU & MG 24Hours

in EU country cashout
Carded wu from – 35%
Scam from – 25%
From drops – 15%

in CIS country cashout:
Carded wu from 30%
Scam from 20%
the From drops are – 11%

Prices for the SEPA, the IBAN, the SWIFT or another transfers discuss AT jabber: [To see this link you need to register ] , [To see this link you need to register ]



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