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New PayPal Transfer method

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New PayPal Transfer method

New PayPal Transfer method

what all do you need?

=> 1 France PayPal, 1 Canadian PayPal, and A LEGAL Paypal where you can transfer the funds or you can buy items.

=> Strong socks of the same State as you will also be using the address in the FAKE PPs which you make ( i prefer to use service as it is good and quick)

=> Some minutes of your busy life …… View attachment 124 View attachment 125

So here we start, it is a step-by-step guide.

1. Create two fake PayPal accounts 1 in France and the other one in Canada. Use fake address and information from and also use STRONG SOCKS 5 of the same state and country as of Paypal.

2. You should use STONG AND NOT BLACKLISTED SOCKS 5 as it is the most important thing in the whole cashout process.

3. So you made the fake pp now confirm your account while you get an Email from PP about the confirmation.

Confirm it.

4. Note that remember to DELETE HISTORY and COOKIES when you create the France pp and then when you create the Canadian PP.

5. Now when you have made the PayPal, make a DONATE NOW button in your FRANCE PAYPAL. YOU SHOULD log in INTO YOUR FRANCE PP, THEN GO INTO THE CATEGORY OF SOLUTIONS AND THEN YOU WILL SEE A LINK AS DONS ( this means DONATE in french ).

Make a button from there. Choose your own currency, and do not put in the amount.

6. When the button is created, go in the EMAIL TAB there you will get the button link something like this……=W6NXDU5AEYY9J or you can copy the CODE and paste in your own forum or blog or site, but I will prefer to use the link like the above.

7. Save the link.

8. CLEAR the cookies and history also the flash history by opening this link…


9. Now find a good Paypal with a good balance.

10. Now find the socks of the same state, city, and country of the HACKED pps. If you get socks the same zip it’s 99.99% guaranteed to log in, or if you have cookies from the hacked PayPal that’s even better. If have cookies, don’t use socks or VPN for hacked Paypal

11. Now open the button link which you made in the french pp. Enter your amount, and pay through HACKED pp to it.

12. Now quickly open…ft-certificate and choose the highest amount which is $500. Try to pay it by the hacked pp. If it goes fine then you get a $500 GC on, use it within 5 min. Otherwise, it will be dead. Again try to pay with the hacked pp to a new $500 GC. If you get a message that ” YOU MUST ADD MORE FUNDS TO YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT”. Then your hard work is done. We are doing this because this will make the HACKED PP LIMITED ASAP/RIGHT AWAY and it will give us some extra time to cash out the funds which is the most important thing we need.

Sometimes, the hacked funds which you have sent to the France pp do not get disputed for more than 24 hrs or till the time the ACTUAL OWNER OF THE PP DISPUTES. but I am sure that minimum you will always get an extra time of 10 min. It all depends on your luck or on the mood of PayPal lol…. Now, Quickly log off the hacked pp and also delete all cookies and caches.

13. Open the France pp with the strong socks which you used to create the pp account. Now you will see a transaction in the RECENT ACTIVITY area. Go will also need to ACCEPT the funds which were sent from the hacked pp. Accept those funds.

Now go to the SEND MONEY TAB and send the money to the 2nd fake pp of Canada. The maximum amount you should send at once must not exceed $200 for safety.

14. Now also log off the France pp, clear the history and the cookies.

15. Change the socks to the one which you used to register the Canadian PayPal. Login to it, and you will see the funds. Now You can buy any things like hosting, domain, shopping items, or anything else with it. But do all this fast. It should not take more than 7 minutes. But I will suggest you not send the money in your LEGAL PP if you are doing the method the first time. As if you missed some steps, or the socks are not strong, it can affect your real LEGAL pp.

16. After using the cash in the Canadian pp, make it limited Buy doing the same thing which you did to limit the HACKED PP that is open…ft-certificate, also choose the amount and pay using the Canadian pp, as the pp has no money, it will say ” YOU MUST ADD MORE FUNDS TO YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT” which will make the Canadian pp limited.

17. That’s it, when the original owner of the hacked pp disputes, the balance of the FRANCE PP or the balance of the CANADAIN PP will go NEGATIVE View attachment 126 but this will only happen if u used a GOOD AND STRONG SOCKS 5.

NOTES:- => The SOCKS of each of the FRANCE PP, CANADIAN PP, and THE HACKED PP shall be STRONG !!! AND ALSO GOOD, because if they are not, the balance will not go in negative. => You must clear cookies after using every different PP/ => If you are sending money to your own Paypal Account then remember that it should be a good PayPal with at least 6 months’ life. But I won’t suggest you send money in your legal pp for the first time, use the method 5-6 times for buying items, goods and etc then try it.



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