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MultiVPN – OpenVPN / DoubleVPN, No logs, VPN without logs, real review

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MultiVPN – OpenVPN / DoubleVPN, No logs, VPN without logs, real review

MultiVPN – OpenVPN / DoubleVPN

Online security assumes a significant job, both for business and for straightforward surfing, downloading records, and business discussions.

All your traffic goes through open communication channels and can be intercepted by intruders

and also used to steal passwords from the mail, forum profiles, and confidential information.

 If you want to be sure that no one will intercept your traffic, and want to hide your activity from the Internet provider or administrator who has blocked access to the resources of interest,

If you want to download games from the Xbox market and files from torrent trackers without fear of Copyright for content, then your way out is VPN. 

When you connect, you will be assigned the IP address of the server you have chosen, and the traffic to the server is encrypted wherever you are (in an Internet cafe, university, airport, or hotel).

MultiVPN is a service that provides VPN services for the security of data exchange over open communication channels, as well as anonymity on the Internet by hiding the real IP address.

Advantages of the MultiVPN service:

+ Anonymity. Your IP address will be replaced with the address of the final server of the OpenVPN tunnel chain;

+ also Protection against tracking by your ISP. Your ISP cannot monitor and record your online activity on the Internet; furthermore
+ Perfect forward secrecy. Each of your connections to the VPN server is encrypted with a unique session key, which is destroyed after the connection is completed;

+ Reliable algorithms are used to encrypt your data: RSA 4096-bit key exchange furthermore and 256-bit ECC (elliptic curve secp256k1 used in Bitcoin). Symmetric ciphers: AES-256-GCM and AES-256-CBC. Hash functions: SHA256, SHA384, SHA512;

+ Wide range of VPN services: OpenVPN, DoubleVPN, and TripleVPN;
+ Logging is disabled on all servers of the service (but this does not give you the right to use the service for illegal purposes);

+ Automatic replacement of provider DNS with MultiVPN DNS. Your DNS queries do not end up in the logs of your ISP furthermore
+ Unlimited traffic.  also No restrictions on speed, ports, or traffic; furthermore
+ High speed.  also, Most of the servers are connected to a 1000mbit / s channel. That allows you to comfortably surf sites and simultaneously download movies, torrents, and music;

+ 21 servers in 19 countries are at your disposal when activating any of the available service subscriptions!  also, You yourself choose the server you need! Up to 3 connections are available per subscription;

Monthly subscription price:
OpenVPN = $ 6
OpenVPN + DoubleVPN = $ 9

Payment methods: PayPal, Cryptocurrencies, WebMoney, InterKassa (QIWI, etc.)




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