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How to Get Free Tinder Plus for 6 Months Tutorial.

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How to Get Free Tinder Plus for 6 Months

How to Get Free Tinder Plus 

Step 1: Get Promo Code Tinder Plus for 6 Months 

  1. On Tinder Plus for 6 Months Tutorial, We need to download Bluestacks first before we can get free tinder plus code.
  2. Now install the Bluestacks on your PC. Then click on the setting option from the bottom right corner.
  3. Now go to the advanced option and select create a custom profile. Then enter the brand and manufacturer as Huawei. Enter the model number VOG-L29. Then click Save.
  4. Go back and from My games and open the chrome browser.
  5. Follow the Huawei website link to download the Huawei app gallery in Bluestack. After downloading, install the app.
  6. Open the Huawei app gallery and click on the login option. It will ask you to download HMS. Just download, install and allow what it asks.
  7. Go back to the Huawei app login option again. We will register a new account. Select the location as Mexico and enter your email address, date of birth, and set the password. For the phone number just click later. Verify the email address and done. Now login with your email address. Agree on the terms when they ask.
  8. Now go to the Me option and open Rewards. Click on Get more.
  9. Then search for tinder and click claim. Now download and install the Tinder app from there.
  10. Now click on the 3 dot sign from the bottom right corner and choose the location icon. Then search Mexico and after that click on set to fix the location. Turn on the Mock Location option.
  11. Now wait for about 2 minutes and go back to the Me option and rewards. There under the gift option, you will see your Tinder Plus promo code. If you don’t see your Tinder plus free promo code then just go back to the main page and wait and again go to the rewards option.


Step 2: Apply Promo Code to Account

  1. After you get your Tinder Plus promo code, now it’s time to create the account for free. Follow the process carefully.
  2. Copy the code you got. Open browser on Bluestack. Visit and enter the code.
  3. Now log in with your Gmail account and complete the account creation process. Verify with your own number. The location of the number doesn’t matter.
  4. Allow the location access for tinder when it asks. After your account creation process is completed just go to your profile.
  5. Then search for the promo code option from your profile and enter the tinder plus code you got. Tinder plus promo code free
  6. Congratulation you got 6 months of free tinder plus an account.




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