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How to Get Dell Laptop – Updated Carding Guide

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How to Get Dell Laptop – Updated Carding Guide

How to Get Dell Laptop 

Hello Mates, Many Users Have Been Asking For A Tutorial For Carding The Easiest Cardable Site I have Ever Seen is Dell’s Official Site – The Power To Do More | Dell Or

Okay, Listen Carefully :

1- After Reading The Tutorial, Rate The Thread. This Encourages To Post More Helpful Tutorials

2- I’m not responsible About Anything That Happens Due To This Tutorial

* Misuse of members OR If Dell Gets SomeOne To Court ( This Will Be Explained In The Tutorial )

3- If You Intend To Card Dell, Don’t do it to your Own House ( read Other Posts Regarding How To Find a Suitable Drop. i.e., Find an Empty House and send it there.

4- Let’s Start The Tutorial :

I won’t discuss the basics ( Finding Anonymous USA Proxy, Using Virgin Cvv2, checking your Proxy – cvv2 Stats ….etc. )

Let’s Get Down To Business ;

A – If You Want To Make Only Single Order With Single Cvv2 ( Which is Valid and virgin, Of course !! )

1- First, check the cc and make sure it’s Valid. Then Go To

to make sure that Your Location Is in the USA. If everything is Okay, Go to : Or Dell Official Site – The Power To Do More | Dell

choose Your Item ( Under 450 ) 17-19 Inch LCD Monitors Will Be Okay, Also

JukeBoxes will ship.

* Make Sure The Item Is In-Stock so there won’t Be Any Delay Or Chance For Canceling The Order.

2- Click On Add To Cart, Then Check Out; you Will Be Prompted To Sign Up For A New User Or Sign In If You Have An Existing Account ( Sign Up For A New Account )

3- Enter The First And Last Name For Your Drop As The Account First And Last Name In The Sign Up Page; provide A Valid Email address And Password.

4- You’ll be Redirected To The Shipping Info Page, You’ll Find The First Name and Last Name Provided In The Sign-Up Page Stored There; just Add The Address and Other Info

*Note: You Don’t Have To Provide A Valid Phone Number For the shipping Address; the Billing Phone Also Works For Shipping

5- Choose The Fastest Shipping Method (Next Day Air ). Also 2nd, Day air will work, but Make Sure The Total Amount Doesn’t Exceed 470-480 $

6- On The Billing Page, Remove The Shipping Info Stored. Then Add The Billing Info, Which Must Be the Same As stored In Bank ( Make Sure The CC Is 100 % Valid ). The Most IMPORTANT PART HERE IS THE BILLING PHONE NUMBER

which must be the same held with the bank because they use this number for verification ( not calling the cardholder, but to verify the info with the bank )

7- Don’t Choose Any Limit In The Billing Page ( Choose: No Limit )

Click Submit !!

B- IF You Intend To Use The Same Card More Than Once To Order More Than 1 Item ;

*First Note That This Method May Get You In Trouble If You Send These Items To Your Own Home, Also the items May get returned to shipper before You Recieve Them.

1- Follow The 1st Method For Ordering a Single Item. With 1 Cc, you’ll recieve two emails after ordering ( Dell Order Acknowledgement – Dell Order Confirmation ). As soon as you receive the second email, Dell Order Confirmation,

check the order status in 10 – 30 minutes. If You See Something Like (In-Production Or Pre-Production ) Go To The Next Step.

2- Make Another Order and which must not exceed 480 $

3- Follow All Previous Steps ( Storing Your Credit Card Info Will Ease The Mission )

4- Repeat This For As Many Times as The Limit Of The CC equally Allow.

5- Don’t Make Any Orders If The Previous Order Status Isn’t ( In-Production OR Pre-Production )

6- If They Suspect One Of The Orders, They Will Cancel All Orders. Of course, Next Day Shipping Method Will Decrease The Chance Of Getting Items Returned To the Shipper.

That’s All, And Enjoy Your Carding Of DELL



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