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Codes Unlock Secrets Of Automated Phone Systems, The IVR Cheat Sheet

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Codes Unlock Secrets Break Mystery Of Automated Phone Systems

FORT WORTH, Texas — Business customers who call for service typically are greeted by interactive voice response systems that require people to “Press 1” for a particular line of questioning or “Press 2” for a different service. Callers can feel lost in a maze trying to reach a human customer service agent. Codes Unlock Secrets 

Pressing zero can get callers through to an agent on some systems, but that simple method falls short of 100 percent success.

Paul English became frustrated with the response systems blocking his call routes to customer service agents. He decided to break through the veil.

He used a trial-and-error method of pressing various phone key-pad combinations to get straight through to the agents.

So far, he hit on the correct combinations to reach human employees at 10 companies. He posted the codes, called the Cheat Sheet, on his Web site,

Other people who have come up with codes for different businesses have added their results on English’s site. The online list now consists of more than 100 codes for IVR systems used by companies.

The code for Chase Bank, for example, is 514. A Discover credit card agent will answer if callers press the “star” key four times. Some voice-activated systems connect to humans with keywords such as “agent” or “technician.”

American Express 800-528-4800 dial 0 repeatedly
ATT Universal Rewards 800-950-5114 ###
Bank of America 800-900-9000 1 loan; 2 accounts; 3 investing; 4 info; or 00 to human
Bank One 877-226-5663 0,0
Capital One Visa 800-867-0904 ignore prompts and invalid entry warnings; press #0 four times
Charles Schwab 800-435-9050 3 then 0
Chase 800-CHASE24 5 pause 1 4
CitiBank 800-374-9700 1 online support; 2 billpay; 3 non-online; 4 credit card; or 0 to human

Discover 800-347-2683 ****
E-Trade 800-387-2331 ####
Fidelity 800-544-6666 ignore prompt for social security number, just enter ###
MasterCard 800-MC-ASSIST 000 on each menu
MBNA 800-421-2110 00# when menu starts
Paypal 650 864-8000 0
Sovereign Bank 800-SOV-BANK 1 English; 1 personal; 3 then social#; passcode, #; then 0 (1-3x)
Sun Trust Banks 404-588-7815 Yes
US Bank 800-US BANKS 0000
Visa 800-847-2911 000 (ignore prompts saying that it’s an invalid entry)
Wachovia 800-922-4684 accounts personal banking
Washington Mutual 800-756-8000 At any time after the announcement(s) press 0,0.
Wells Fargo 800-869-3557 0,0,0
Western Union 800-325-6000 * then ##

there is more just go to

these do work I use it all the time.



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