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There was a craving to compose a sort of checking drop instructional exercise and explain numerous focuses.


There are people who need drops but do not know where to get them. There are people who can have 10s or even 100 drops, but they don’t know that you can make great money on this. There are those who earn on drops but do not know the minimum safety rules when working with them.CARDING

Let’s start with the most important question: who are the drops and what are they for?

Of course, here you can provide links or excerpts from the text from Google, or forums dedicated to Internet fraud, but after reading them, I realized that the definition is not fully disclosed.

So carding drop is a person you use for your purposes. To make it clearer, let’s imagine that you are a director of a large company with a worldwide reputation. And you need to wander around the different corners of the world and enter into contracts, sign documents, accept goods that your company produces, and so on. All this is difficult to manage, so you hire assistants who sign documents for you, take the goods, draw up any statements, and so on.CARDING

With drops, the same thing is people who do something for you, while leaving their personal data, and your data and your identity remain in the shadows. For example, do you need to issue a personal certificate? Why show your data, for this you can use a drop. Do you want to steal some from the online store some things, but are you afraid to get them yourself? For this, there is a drop that will do it for you. That is, in essence, this is your second person, to whom the law enforcement agencies will come first, as he is everywhere. And you remain in the shadows.


So, we figured out who these drops are and what they are for (although we will discuss the direction of using drops) but the drops are further divided into several categories:

1. Dropies who know what they are doing, and what they risk, receiving the appropriate payment for it, or a percentage of the scam.

2. Drops who are unaware of the true purpose of their use. He is told one thing, and in fact another is being done. For example, you ask a taxi driver to hand over a package of documents to your person at the other end of the city, and in fact, there are also drugs in the package of documents. So the taxi driver becomes a drug-carrying drop.

This is a very exaggerated example, but the essence conveys clearly.

3. This is a type of drop, which seem to know the purpose for which they are used, but everything is much worse, and the consequences are more severe, but the drop does not know about it. That is, you mislead him about liability and risk.

Consider the advantages and disadvantages of all types of drops. Why use what type of drops and about security, we’ll talk more later. While we consider only the advantages and disadvantages.

The first kind of carding drops.

1. The ability to explain everything without further imagination. That is, do not need to invent legends and waste time on deception. This type of drop knows what he is doing.

2. Full control. When working with this type of drop, you control its step from “A” to “Z”, which simplifies the work at all its stages.

1. The possibility of fraud on the part of the drop. No matter how trite it may sound, the drop perfectly understands that what you are doing is illegal and that if he deceives you, you will not be able to contact the police. And in the case of physical violence, he himself can incite the police on you. Of course, such cases are rare but fully possible.

2. Security. Drop knows you personally, and in case of problems, he can report you to the police. How to protect against this, we’ll talk later.

The second kind of carding drops

1. Cheapness. Such a drop requires a minimum payment or does not require it at all.

2. The ability to use it in any fraud without fear of the consequences, since the drop is most likely you do not know.

3. Easier to find and you can find a lot. You can recruit en masse (talk about it below). Given that the drop is not aware of the true purpose of its use, it can be easily recruited. CARDING

The blessing of idiots in the world is still a lot.


1. Again deception. Since there is no complete control over the drop – it can easily deceive you if he understands what’s what.

2. Lack of control over the drop. That is, such a drop can easily go into the bout, or disappear somewhere, and you can not do anything about it.

3. The influence of external factors. In the process, he can hear from friends that it is illegal, and refuse. Both time and money will be lost.

The second kind of carding drops

You can’t write a lot here, because this kind of drop combines all the pros and minuses described above. Everything is strictly individual with this type of drop.


Let’s start with the first type of drop. Everything is simple here, it’s mostly your acquaintances, or acquaintances you know. The main thing is to choose the right type of person. This may be your former classmate, who only does this in the evenings he drinks beer and sits on his parent’s neck. If you have such a person in sight, then you should know that there is no better candidate to find. For such people, money is usually the incentive.
Never tell a drop that the work is a one-off, always try to convince him that the work will be permanent, and you will often resort to his services. This method will reduce the reward drop. It is explained simply – you will work on a permanent basis. And do not care that you may no longer refer to him, the main thing – create visibility.

Also, addicts are great for drops. They are able to do anything for a dose, as long as there is an opportunity to inject. But here it is important to understand that payment should follow only after the execution of your order, and nothing else. Never succumb to entreaties, pleas, requests, and so on. Remember, in this situation – you are in charge, which means that you decide when the payment will arrive. Also, the fact that they can bring their friends to earn money and make money for friends is an excellent advantage of using drug addicts. It turns out a kind of network marketing.

The disadvantages of using drug addicts include the factor that these people are quite unstable, so additional control is required for them (like a mother for a 5-year-old son), so if you decide to use them, please be patient.

Also in large cities, there are universities, in which students from other cities study. These are also your clients, as we all know that a student is a forever-hungry creature greedy for money. Especially if he is from another city. Of course, it’s better to give preferences to the guys from the villages, they are tighter for quick wits, and this is good for us. We do not need too smart drops, we need executives. It’s almost like drug addicts, only more organized and with fewer nerves. The best option of those is.


There are several rules and tips that I want to give.

1. Examine completely the topic under which you decide to use them. All the pitfalls that may arise, or questions that they may ask (for example, when opening an account).

Consider the example of opening a bank account. The easiest way to get this experience is to open an account first yourself. All to remember, and only then send a drop. If it is for example the receipt of a parcel from a foreign store (carding), then first order the parcel to yourself by paying with your card (that is, legally), and see how this operation takes place. That is, I want to convey that before you recruit drops, learn everything yourself.

2. State your proposal clearly and distinctly, without hesitation and lowing. Helps train in front of the mirror. Try to persuade yourself to work for yourself. Polish your speech to the maximum, so that when you pronounce it in your mirror you would agree to work for yourself.

3. Make an impression. In the case of the first type of drop, this is an impression of money. That is, you should look good, you should have a good phone, and a job offer (the first drops, they will bring you the rest) is better to do in any restaurant or status institution in your city. Of course, the question arises, why should I spend so much money on some kind of drop? And to spend a lot and do not need, even in the coolest restaurants, coffee is not expensive.

So, we go to the second type of drop.

If a creative person lives in you, then working with this type of carding drop will give you a lot of pleasure. What is the point? The point is to convince a person to perform the action we need while convincing him that everything is legal and that he will receive payment.

The difference from the first type of drops is that they do not have to pay. This is nothing more than a disposable material. That is 1 person – 1 action, no more. Of course, you can use them all the time, rubbing some legend into their ears, but with this, the likelihood that one day he will deceive you will increase, as someone will tell him something.

Let’s start with where to look for drops. Unlike them, you can search without leaving home. For this we need only the Internet and a little imagination, in order to invent a legend.

– Social networks
– Dating websites
– job search sites
– Entertainment sites (teaser ads on such sites)

There are many inexperienced users on the Internet who agree with various offers of earnings. Personal data is not burdened with intelligence, they are happy to send SMS in order to find out the date of their death, or download the “Internet cracker”. Therefore, the scope for creativity is huge. In working with such drops, as I wrote already above, the main legend. Therefore, below we consider the basic principles of constructing a legend, which you can modify to fit your needs.


To begin with, the legend is 80% of success. The better and more beautiful the legend – the higher the chance to find a greater number of drops.

Let’s look at a few legends.


We are a large company that works with US customers. We are looking for employees who will help conduct financial transactions with customers from abroad. To do this, our employee requires a personal certificate WebMoney to work with the money of foreign clients. For each such operation, our employee will receive from 3 to 5% of the amount spent through his account, and the company will receive an additional 2%.

To control honesty – the employee must give us all the data on his WebMoney account, so that we can control his work, and see that he is not deceiving us and not trying to steal money. carding drop tutorial

Here is such a simple legend to many may seem some kind of nonsense. But this is good for us, the legend must be true, but at the same time a little silly. We do not need too smart drops – our goal is to search for gullible people who are not burdened with intelligence.


We are a foreign company that supplies goods. Our clients are all over the world, but since in your country there is a customs limit for receiving parcels above $ 1,000 per person, we need people who, for a certain fee ($ 30-50-100), will receive packages and forward them to our customers.

Someone will be indignant, and say, wow, to pay such money for the parcel? And there is no need to pay, payment will be received after the execution of our order, and when it is done – we don’t care about the drop, we don’t need it anymore, so we don’t have to pay. Cruel? Yes, but these are drops, which in this case are consumables, with the help of which you build your business.


We are a large construction company. Yes, we attract illegal immigrants to work with us, and we have to pay them a salary. Since they are citizens of another state, they cannot open a bank account for themselves, and it would be more convenient for our company to transfer their salaries to plastic cards so that they would not be robbed, etc. Therefore, we offer you such a solution – you open the card to yourself (a debit card, you cannot get a loan for it, you can check it in the bank), and transfer the card to us. For this, you get 8-10% of our worker’s monthly salary. Excellent passive income for you! carding drop tutorial

I gave 3 main legends, which are modified from time to time. It all depends on the purpose for which you need a drop, and what you want to end up with. A beautiful website and contact numbers – significantly increase the chance to part a drop, so if you take the trouble, the distribution of drops will become your usual routine.


Next, I would like to talk about security when working with drops, and in this section, we will include nuances that many people do not pay attention to.

To begin with, many naively believe that if he used a drop, then he is completely safe. But this is far from the case, so I will outline one situation, and you try to see a logical connection in it, and how to avoid it (what will happen in a situation). carding drop tutorial

For example, you issued a personal passport certificate, used a Dedicated server (remote access to another computer) to use this wallet with a certificate, and stole $ 10,000 from the exchange office (WMZ). You successfully exchanged the money in BitCoin (an anonymous cryptocurrency) and withdrew it.

The exchange office goes to the police and begins the investigation of the theft. It is logical to start with whom this certificate is issued. The police come to the drop and ask him

– Didn’t it that you stole $ 10,000 from the exchange office and brought them out of your wallet?

Of course, a drop is a shock, he did not steal any money, and in general, he has no idea what it is about. The police understand that the suspect has acted as a frontman (drop), and asks him a suggestive question:

– when did you make a wallet, did you transfer control to someone? Maybe you designed it for someone?

– Well, of course! – exclaims a drop – My classmate asked me to do it for him!

That came to you (if you directly asked for a drop), or went to the one who asked for a drop for you. If you asked someone, then of course there will be a conversation with a classmate who will point a finger at you. So the chain will reach you.

Therefore, it is important to understand that computer anonymity (proxy, VPN, Dedicated server, anonymous cryptocurrency) is not 100% protected. There are still drops that can lead to you.

Therefore, let us clarify a few safety rules when working with drops, which we should follow so that if something happens, the police will not come to you:

1. Do not bother your friends on pre-dumb topics, because of which the police may come. If you want to drain the dirt from the exchange points – then look for drops in another city (at least), or those who do not know you at all.

2. Never call your data when working with carding drops. That is, if your name is John, then for the drops you are Antony or Mike. The fewer drops you know about, the more difficult it is for them to give more accurate information about you later. carding drop tutorial

3. Meet in neutral places where it is difficult to tie you to your place of residence. That is, if you have a wonderful cafe near your house, where you have lunch every day and the waiters know you as a regular customer – no need to carry drops there. Choose a place in another city, or at least on the other end of your city, in which you never go.

4. Telephone communication. It is clear that mobile communication has entered firmly into our lives, and without it is nowhere. It also has to be used to communicate with drops. Get a special phone + special SIM card that has nothing to do with you.

5. Qualify the danger of any action. That is, if you just need to take the usual parcel – then any carding drop is suitable for this. If you need to take a package such as cocaine, then you need to be extremely careful. A sound mind and a sober mind – that is the main guarantee of security. Always analyze what threatens this or that action, and how they can reach you through the carding drop, and how to avoid it. IMPORTANT! AT FIRST THINK AND THEN DO IT!

These are basic safety rules, many will be surprised, but why are there so few of them? And because only this is enough to be calm for yourself – when working with drops. The rest is paranoia, although it is never superfluous. In matters of security, as in matters of religion – everyone chooses for himself the maximum that he needs.



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