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We have created a market place where you can visit and buy bank logs. The payment is in bitcoin and you will be able to receive full info after 3 confirmations from the blockchain.
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Bank of America, Chase, Huntington Bank, Wells Fargo, HSBC, Abbey, Capital One, Halifax, Credit Union, and many more.

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“Cloned Cards” are in-house produced actual physical cards dependent on skimmed information/data we gather from our organization, this information is gathered off Gas Stations, ATMs, and POS Machines. We Ship Cards worldwide. 

Our range is quite expansive due to our client based network and Person to person data affiliate infrastructure. We are then left with loads of data we cannot cash out within our own geographic region, so we encode this liquidated data to clients’ cards that do meet the geographic region capable of cashing out.
We at that point fragment our cards into three classifications “Mid-Balance”, “High-Balance”, and “Super-High Balance”. These fragments are based upon factors, for example, Balance, ATM Limit, and Bank Variant. It may take up to 24 Hours or less to deliver cards within USA. 48 hours Maximum to ship cards outside USA. Contact us today. 

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  1. Vincent Rose

    this shop is good. I use it few months ago and they came through smoothly !!!! Thanks to buydumpscvv team. Keep up the great work!

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    good seller. Dealing with this SHOP over six months, quick delivery, and always reliable stuff. Cash++

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    The quality will be quite good if you choose BIN. A dead card will be refunded 100% if you send a support ticket. I value the interaction between the sales representatives and the customer very highly.

  4. Izetta Coutch

    I have tried, the card is live but doesn’t have a balance on it. Maybe back luck or a bad card

  5. George Nathan

    Had the same bad luck on one of the cards I bought, but recently bought from them again and everything worked fine, a live card, good balance. Buydumpscvv cards hits well.

  6. protectionpoisonous

    one of the best shop

  7. CoreyBluse

    hello used your checker to check a card which isn’t valid on google add payment and your checker showed transaction not permitted

  8. Ronald Zilly

    how to get notification about updates do I have to regularly keep on checking or is there any news like stuff same like dread or any fixed timing.

  9. Juan Masks

    I got refund for DEAD stuff, then bought more that said LIVE and just made $3000, nice investment huh!

  10. Andrew

    A good shop indeed, I think you guys will need to work on your bins in order to get the best ones, buy anyways, your dumps hits perfect.

  11. excusablegory

    I got a refund for DEAD stuff, then bought more that said LIVE and it worked perfectly

  12. Apolonia Fusi

    This Website is Lit, Easy to navigate, Professional, and Helpful content put together. IF this SHOP IS WORTH BUYING FROM After my first purchase then we are doing business forever with you guys.

  13. Logan Quaph

    Wow! I have never seen a service so fast and swift as this. I just PM Support for a dead cc, and got an instant response and replacement. This team rocks.

  14. Alexander Patrick

    Very good support, quality CC , thank you again

  15. Nevaeh

    I tried the New Usa Dumps + pins I got positive results from them

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  17. splittingclash

    hey admin I want to create my account right now

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  19. Kaylee

    check is good. I bought a few checks and t hits perfect

  20. canispitalic

    Decided to test this site out for the first time, bought a couple of my bins, and 2 worked rest 4 D+P worked as well, I’m set to go for more…

  21. Trunky

    These guys are straight up….they corrrrected my situation…I’ve had a change of heart

  22. Smith Johnson

    Wonderful site, great contents.

  23. HenrySooke

    I want to say that this site has been great with me of late, with perfect cards with a great valid rate. The only problem is that so many people know about it it’s like hearing of locusts descend and rinse 9k of cards in 3 days. You gotta be quick otherwise you don’t stand a chance.

  24. Bradley James

    has anyone bought anything from this shop? in the USA?

  25. Ashley B

    Check is good!

  26. Henry Vine

    Good job. This site is really easy to navigate.

  27. Sonia Albert

    very good shop dead cards are refunded its good

  28. Gravity

    Great Shop. Bought 10 card 10 was live. I appreciate the quality

  29. Rachele Johansen

    dope site, amazing shop. am placing an order soon!

  30. Graham D

    I placed an order on the 10th of December for live cards and I received them exactly 48 hours from the time i placed my order

  31. Quaph Dolph

    I buy 13 more cards today about 9 of them are live with balance and the other 4 are live with no balance but the checker of the site is honest. Any hope for replacement?

  32. Donald Bricks

    Well the site is very good but there some update I cannot access like from 04 Jan, dont know why to please admin give us some USA, please

  33. Michael Rodriguez

    keep up the standard card Buydump, kindly make your cards as cheap as 50 USD each, at least give us like 50% percent off for each card. The good thing about this shop is that you actually get the value of what you paid for. My dump hit perfect.

  34. Paul Brown

    Took another dump just to spend my $ in this shop. This time valid one and hit to big twice. My money back and win this time. Now I will try more.

  35. Mark Garcia

    Big! Big! Big! Respect.I made some money and deal with buydumps. My only issue is the Team should use Binddb for checking their bins because some of his countries bin numbers are way off the right country the card belongs to Bless up!

  36. Nicole

    I’ve been on your site, the username is nicole_op, you will see I’ve bought more than 10 dumps. How about some bonus for some honest review.

  37. Robert Miller.

    this is a pretty good shop, I’m making a lot of money thanks to the buydumps team they are the best, the only thing I hate is the checker errors, other than that it’s ok.

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  39. Addison

    cool shop join for a year

  40. David Marky

    Joined the site, looking it over. Still waiting on some more reviews. I like the setup and other offerings. If you are giving out starter bonuses, I’ll be happy to poke around the site. and try out the services and come post an honest review.

  41. quirkyrudhall

    Thanks for the Refund of the 02 D+P.

  42. Benjamin

    I Gotta add more funds to my bitcoin wallet but I need to make new orders from the new update .. when you posting new stuff been a week’ i been waiting for.

  43. Issac Tait

    I tried the shop I buy one my cc is valid but no balance not even 3$ I thought I was unlucky. I buy another cc and got a successful cashout of $4000 out of the 7k balance I placed an order for.

  44. Rory Vasquez

    ✓ Dumps ✓ CVV ✓ Dumps + PIN ✓ Track 1 + 2 USA + WORLD
    I have purchased the above-listed products from these shop and t hits hard, recently made over $5750 from the dumps I bought from real s rare.Thanks, to your team.

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    I love your blog.. very nice write-ups and so helpful. Great work you do!

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